Year 4




All Year 4 classes will have an individual blog. To gain real insight into what is occurring in your child/ren's classroom please subscribe to the relevant blog. Blogging is an online, interactive space that allows for the upload of ideas, happenings and questioning with the hope that those watching will engage in the conversations and become part of our learning space. This in effect breaks down the classroom walls and provides you with a closer look at how learning is taking place at school.


Year 4 teachers will be blogging to let parents know all about the learning experiences in the classroom. All you will need to do is subscribe to the site so that you receive notification of any new items posted and start interacting. Blogging guidelines have been placed in the Banksia Bulletin and are available online on the site. Please read them carefully. All comments are read first and approved before being posted to the site. Any inappropriate use of the site will not be tolerated.


Year 4 Curriculum Overview


This page shares a variety of yearly information and will give you an overview of the programs offered to Year 4 students at Mt Martha Primary School.




As a team we have a responsibility to ensure that students in Year 4 are given the best opportunities to learn new skills and consolidate their mathematical understandings in line with the National Curriculum and preparation for Year 5.


We do this by:


-      Ensuring we have detailed yearly, term and weekly Numeracy planners.


-      Identifying individual’s needs and catering for these through whole class, small group and independent activities on a daily basis.


-      Developing student’s ability to recall automatic number facts as well as developing their problem solving strategies.


-      Ensuring activities consist of a mixture of real life, hands on and more formal explicit teaching.


-      Utilising the Mathletics program to set specific tasks at student’s individual ability levels.






The main areas of literacy include the following:


— Writing - explicit teaching of genres including: recount persuasive, narrative, play scripts, exposition and reports


— Grammar - investigating and applying parts of speech


— Spelling - application of spelling rules


— Reading - Explicit teaching of comprehension skills, including literal, inferential and applied. Utilise the Lexiles reading program.


— Speaking and listening – includes oral presentation of projects, drama and viewing and interpreting a range of digital and DVD presentations. (performance and debating. delete)


— Catering for a range of abilities.


— Whole class, small groups and individual activities.


— Homework - Two hours reading minimum per week and spelling tasks.




Our inquiry units are linked to our whole school throughlines. These include: Identity, Sustainability, Community and Change.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4





Australia   – First Contacts

Water –   why should we care?

Performance   is a form of communication

Forces   create change.


Through inquiry students develop skills that allow them to:


— Question


— Investigate


— Organise


— Cooperate


— Understand


— Analyse


— Reflect


— Compare


— Design


— Create


— Evaluate


— Be responsible for personal learning




Specialists Areas


Our specialist areas include the following:




Physical Education 









Year 4 Sport


Year 4 Sport is run by the Year 4 teachers every second Wednesday 2.00 - 2.45. This year students will participate in mixed groupings, e.g. house teams. We are focussing on the development of fitness and physical skills but also social skills, including cooperation, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Students who demonstrate these qualities are awarded ‘Brownlow Points’ at our Year 4 Assemblies.


Beach Program


In Term 1 students walk to Mt Martha Main Beach to utilise our local lifesaving club and participate in the Beach Program. Over two days, students participate in a variety of beach activities run by qualified teachers and lifeguards. Some of the activities include: skis, rescue, wade and swim, snorkelling, beach soccer, stick races and bocce.




Highlights throughout the year include: Beach Program, House Swimming Sports, Camp, South East Water Incursion, Footsteps Dance sessions, Year 4’s Got Talent, Circus Day, and C.S.I.R.O Incursion.




Homework is set each week. It is due in on Thursday and the following week’s assignments will be sent home on Friday. Homework will consist of 2 hours reading, 1 hour of Mathletics and spelling or tasks related to our topic of inquiry, each week.