Year 6

Across the school all year levels have created a blog to help parents keep up with what is going on in our classrooms. Blogging is an online, interactive space that allows for the upload of ideas, happenings and questioning with the hope that those watching will engage in the conversations and become part of our learning space. This in effect breaks down the classroom walls and provides you with a closer look at how learning is taking place at school. 


Year 6 teachers blog regularly to let parents know all about the learning experiences in our classrooms. This will include work samples, discussions, questions, ideas and a whole host of other important things you need to know. All you will need to do is subscribe to the site so that you receive notification of any new items posted and start interacting. Blogging guidelines will be placed in the Banksia Bulletin and are available online on the site. Please read them carefully. All comments are read first and approved before being posted to the site. Any inappropriate use of the site will not be tolerated.


Please click on the "blogs" tab at the top of the school web page to access the Year 6 blogs.





Year 6 information night from Student Engagement

In Year 6 we plan to increase student participation through the following activities:

  • The students are choosing their own research questions related to the Inquiry topics.
  • They have helped develop classroom management practices with their teacher.
  • They were selected for leadership roles following the submission of written applications.
  • Student presentations at Curriculum Night and student expositions throughout the year.
  • Student-led mid-year Parent/Teacher interviews.


Student Wellbeing and Cyber-safety

Alongside a healthy diet, children at this age need a lot of sleep to assist with growth and development. Having a good routine at home can provide as much support to you as it does to your children. Having set times for homework, play, structured activities and sleep allows your child to better manage their time.


We would also encourage minimal television and computer usage during the school week. If children are using the television, computers or game consoles please ensure that they are being supervised as there is often inappropriate material readily available to all. Cyber Safety is discussed often at school but needs to be reaffirmed at home with families.



All students in Year 6 will need to use their homework book and diaries for recording homework. Homework at this year level is provided to focus students on developing good study habits. In order to help your child please check with your child every night. We ask that you take the time to sign their diary every night.


Homework is a weekly occurrence and will be set on a Monday, with follow up and post testing occurring on a Friday. All homework should be completed in homework books and recorded in student diaries we ask that parents sign these diaries each night. This is an important process preparing your child in time management and organisational skills that promote good study habits and responsibility for learning.  Set weekly homework includes:


  • 1 hour of Mathletics every week
  • 20 minutes of reading each night
  • Spelling and times table practice


Other home work tasks may be set throughout the year. These may include book reports and research for group projects. These tasks can be seen on the Year level blog.


Parent Help

We would like to thank the parents who have assisted with excursions and incursions throughout their child's time at Mt Martha. Without your help these programs are not able to run.


We will continue to require your help for excursions to assist with adult to students ratios. If you are able to offer support on excursion days, even if it is just for an hour or two, we would love to hear from you. Parent rosters can be organised to cover the excursion, just let us know when you are available.